Brad Sanchez

Oregon Real Estate Broker

Brad Sanchez (affectionately known as ‘Bird’) was born in Portland, Oregon in September of 1972.  Before he was a year old, his mother, father, and six brokers and sisters moved to their Troutdale, Oregon farm.

Growing up as a middle child, Brad became the consummate conciliator.  His negotiation skills were sharpened early on as he learned to make peace between sibling rivals.  When an older brother or sister assigned him a chore, Brad developed management skills by convincing a younger one to do the job.

Hands on, Brad held the screwdriver and drill for his grandfather and uncle.  To this day, no real estate job is “too junky or too mucky” for him.  He can visualize the “jewel” in fixer-uppers and has helped his loyal investor clients make fortunes.

When his dad became a Realtor, three-year old Brad got his briefcase too, and has never put it down.  With his love of people and his passion for real estate, Brad’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Brad takes the advice he dispenses to his customers seriously.  He owns rental houses, apartments and a retail complex.  His wife, Rachel, shares Brad’s belief in real estate and as a former legal secretary, she helps to keep Brad “out of trouble”.  Brad’s two sons are his side-kicks and take after their father.  They are both curious and eager to learn. He often spends his time off with his family and friends in his 5th wheel trailer at Oregon’s coast or Bend area. He always has his phone handy though for client communication.

Contact Brad Sanchez at 503-421-1560 or email [email protected]