Fred Sanchez

Oregon Real Estate Broker

Fred lives on a 60 Acre farm in Troutdale with Ann Marie, his wife of 50 plus years.  She assists him in real estate and all of his other endeavors.  They have eleven adult children (seven boys and four girls) and 22 grandchildren. Each of their children were encouraged to earn their real estate licenses and 3 sons, 2 daughters and a grandson now work full time as Realtors.

Fred was born in Los Angeles, California during the latter World War II years.  Homesick for their birthplace, his parents, Ted and Josie, moved back to Los Chavez, New Mexico when Fred was four years old.  While his father grilled the steaks and his mother waited tables at their family-owned restaurant and lounge, The Owl Steak House, their only son practiced the piano and skinny-dipped in the irrigation ditch of the Rio Grande River.

As the winner of local, state and national classical piano competitions, Fred won a scholarship to Chaminade High School in Los Angeles.  There he studied with Jose and Amparo Iturbi and Ethel Bartlett Robertson, appearing as a piano concerto soloist with symphony orchestras and even on the Lawrence Welk show.

The University of Portland in Oregon offered Fred an enticing scholarship package.  During his freshman year he met his wife to be.  Ann Marie enrolled during the second semester at U of P and Fred approached her on her first day, dressed in his ROTC uniform.  He earnestly announced that he had been assigned to escort her to all her classes during her first week….and the rest is history.

Fred’s first job was as a music teacher at several parochial grade schools.  To support his growing family, he worked summers and weekends as a real property tax assessor in Columbia County, St. Helen’s, Oregon.  With a sincere conviction that real estate ownership was an excellent future investment, he gradually added commercial and house rental properties to his portfolio. In 1979 Fred and two partners formed SKW Company, doing business as Realty Brokers, which continues to flourish by referrals.

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